Blessing and Celebration of Marriage

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Every marital relationship holds great potential for the full development of the human nature of the couple.  For Christians, that fully human and natural state of life is transformed and raised to a new level in baptism and by participating in the shared life of the community of the Baptized, the Church.  In baptism, each person is born into the new life of the People of God and becomes part of the household of Christ.  Through Baptism we become participants in the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s dying and rising, which then becomes the means of interpreting the events in our lives as individuals and as a community of faith. A robust and grace-filled understanding of Baptism provides a lens through which all other human interactions are interpreted.

Recent conversations in the Anglican Communion concerning the nature of Christian marriage have highlighted the theme of blessing. When couples present themselves to have their relationship blessed by their community of faith, there is indeed an opportunity to be blessed and to be a blessing  – for the couple, the community, extended family and friends.

As you read and reflect on the rites of marriage (links below), we encourage you to consider the ways that committed relationships are a blessing. For example:

In what ways does the couple bless their community?

In what ways does the couple reflect the love of God?

To which communities outside the church does the couple/the individuals minister?

How might the rite of publicly blessing the couple’s relationship bless their friends and extended family members?


APLM Brochure 

Rite for Same Sex Relationships: I Will Bless You, and You Will Be a Blessing 

Book of Common Prayer (U.S.) Marriage Liturgy 

Book of Alternative Services (Canada) Marriage Liturgy

Anglican Church of Canada for the Celebration and Blessing of the Marriage of a Christian and a Person of Another Faith Tradition

The Book of Common Prayer (New Zeland) 

First Form

Second Form

Third Form 



The Book of Common Worship (England) 

Evangelical Lutheran Worship 

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