Worship Committee Brochure Updated

If you don’t have a parish worship committee, or if your worship committee is not functioning well, check out the newly updated brochure from APLM The Parish Worship Committee: Why and How.

The brochure explains several benefits of having a worship committee: better assessment of how worship supports the stated mission and goals of the parish, the opportunity to educate a core group of lay people about liturgical theology and practice so they can become allies in renewal efforts, and greater coordination between clergy, staff, and lay volunteers in liturgical planning. APLM Council members have heard from some parish leaders that worship committees have become burdensome or troublesome to them in the past. It does not have be that way! A well functioning committee lightens the load, empowers lay leaders, and helps congregations live into an ethos of the priesthood of all believers.

Part of the APLM conference in Minnesota this July (2023) will be devoted to exploring the ideas in this brochure and practicing liturgical planning in small groups. See other recent posts to find out more about the conference and our year-long project of developing liturgies in response to the climate crisis.

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