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Annaliese BaptismThe Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission (ALPM) provides:

  • opportunities for experiencing and reflecting on liturgical practice and theory
  • lectures, webinars and articles for learning about liturgical theology
  • resources for planning liturgy and reflecting on the lectionary
  • a community to share ideas, best practices, and wisdom

The possibility of revising The Book of Common Prayer 1979 (at present only a proposed idea, not yet a planned course of action) is drawing considerable energy, thoughts, and emotions from many interested persons in the Church.  Liturgical innovation is exploding in some congregations, while others have yet to live fully into the richness of the present Prayer Book. Many provinces of the Anglican Communion continue to worship using liturgical forms that fail to fully enculturate the gospel and unintentionally perpetuate colonialist dynamics in worship. Recent conversations around the proper relationship between Baptism and Communion have revealed the need to understand and consider more carefully the dynamic issues inherent in liturgical practice.

APLM members are advocates for liturgical design and practice that grows in fullness as it remains true to the spirit of the tradition. This happens best as communities reflect together on their experience of worship in light of the tradition. Members of the APLM network share information, resources, experiences and questions that deepen the understanding and practice of liturgy in the life of local congregations.

Surf our website for lectures, webinars, articles, blog posts and planning resources. It’s free, just like public radio. Along those lines, if you appreciate these resources please donate.

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