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The Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission is a network of people and parishes in The Episcopal Church (TEC), the Anglican Church of Canada, and sister denominations who share a passion for liturgy that is well done, appropriate to the culture and context, and revelatory of God’s lively mission in the world.

Founded in 1946 to promote liturgical renewal, APLM connected people on the forefront of liturgical theology and practice as the church catholic realized important shifts in thinking about the sacraments. APLM members played a major role in drafting and promoting the 1979 Book of Common Prayer in the USA, and the Book of Alternative Services in Canada.

This work reestablished the Eucharist’s primacy in worship and parish life as well as Baptism’s centrality to Christian identity. APLM has also championed Baptism as the foundation for Christian ministry and has worked for the restoration of the Catechumenate within the life of the church.

APLM has been a major advocate of the recovery of a distinctive diaconate in ordained ministry as it has promoted a deeper understanding of all orders of ministry, both lay and ordained.

We continue to develop and promote worship that shapes, defines, and empowers the church to live in the midst of the world as a sign, foretaste, and instrument of the promised and immanent reign of God. We believe that innovation and enculturation of the liturgy must be deeply rooted in a robust understanding of tradition. Initiatives like “Becoming the Story We Tell” and “Pillar and Cloud Network” aim to provide a foundation for liturgical renewal in local settings.

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