Click the titles below for pdf versions of APLM brochures on many topics related to liturgical theology and practice.

AP Brochure – Holy Baptism A Liturgical and Pastoral Commentary An update of the earlier Ministry I – Holy Baptism, providing detailed discussion of the pastoral, theological, and practical concerns of Christian initiation. 1987. Reprinted 1997.
AP Brochure – Parish Eucharist An update of AP’s first brochure to reflect the present prayer book, emphasizing the primacy of the Eucharist as the central act of every Sunday in parish life. 1987. Reprinted 1997.
AP Brochure – Holy Orders: The Ordination of Bishops, Priests and Deacons A brochure discussing the rites as presented in the Book of Common Prayer (ECUSA) and in the Canadian Book of Alternative Services.
AP Brochure – The Parish Worship Committee A guide to the selection, formation, and operation of the committee.
AP Brochure – The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage Reflections on the rite of Christian Marriage, with planning worksheets for the couple and clergy. Revised 2002.
AP Brochure – The Catechumenate: Forming the Body of Christ in the 21st Century Outlines the stages of the catechumenal process as an approach for conversion and evangelization. 2002.
AP Brochure – Cantor: Leader of Song, Minister of Prayer An exploration of the cantor’s role in the liturgy. 2002.
AP Brochure – Burial of the Dead Guidelines for planning a funeral liturgy, with reference to the BCP of the Episcopal Church and the BAS of Canada, including pastoral considerations, the presence of the body, the homily, and the committal. 2002.
AP Brochure – The Rites of Reconciliation of a Penitent and Corporate Confession A practical and theological guide to the rite of reconciliation. 2002.
AP Brochure – AP and The Making of the 79 Prayer Book Associated Parishes and the Making of the 1979 Prayer Book.
AP Brochure – Afterthoughts (AP 50th Anniversary) A booklet by Henry Bruel celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission.

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