Open, The APLM Journal

Open Spring 2013
From the Editor, by Todd Townshend
Presidential Ponderings: Discover the subversive character of baptism, by
Jay Koyle
Tool, Not Idol: Inculturation and Prayer Book Revision, by Matthew R. Johnson
Water: through Ecological, Orthodox, and Aboriginal Eyes, by John W.B.Hill
& Sherman Hesslegrave
Theologizing with a Hammer: A Theology of Water, by Darren C. Marks

Open Fall 2012
From the Editor: Shaped by Liturgy, by Todd Townshend
Presidental Ponderings: Tackling a Sacramental Enigma, by Jay Koyle
A (Very) Brief History of Confirmation in the Episcopal Church, by Jason Haddox
A Never-Ending Quest for the Meaning of Confirmation?, by John W.B. Hill
General Convention News: A View from the Booth, by R.C. Laird
General Convention Report, by Robert J. Brooks

OPEN – General Convention 2012
Baptism is Full Initiation, by Ruth Meyers
What About the Youth?, by Matthew Johnson
Confirmation is No Guarantee of Anglican Identity, by the Rev. Dr. Jim Turrell
The Nine-Year-Old’s Ministry, by Amy McCreath
Washing Away Stumbling Blocks to Ministry, by Jennifer Phillips

Open, Summer 2009
Speaking the Call to Ministry to One Another, by Donald Schell
Anticipated Returns: The Advent Project, by William H. Petersen

Open, Spring 2008
Real Stories of Good Liturgy: Saint Paul’s Chapel, New York City, by Donald Schell
When Signs Signify, by Louis Weil
Baptism or Confirmation?, by Joe Doss
Against Inclusivity, by Juan Oliver
Going to Church in the First Century, by Jamie Howison
Faith on the Ground, by Amy McCreath
Editor’s Note and Real Stories of Good Liturgy
Rochester Jazz—
What does good liturgy look like?, by Carlos Mercado
The Shape of Liturgy is the Shape of Mission, by Joe Morris Doss
An Anglican/Emerging Church Synthesis, by Lesie Nipps
The Lord Shall Watch Over Your Going out and Your Coming In, by John Hill
Sanctifying Time on a College Campus, by Amy McCreath
Book Review: The International Anglican Liturgical Consultation (IALC), by Leonel Mitchell


Lutherans and Anglicans Together: On to Mission at Last, by David Danner
A Coat of Many Colors, by Jennifer M. Phillips
Direct Ordination Blocked in House of Bishops, by Ormonde Plater
Observations after a Survey of Parish Bulletins, by Philip Carr-Jones
Holy Baptism: A Rite for the Reconstituting of Sacred Community, by The Rev. Dr. Barbara T. Cheney
The Revaluing of the Diaconate for the Renewal of the Church, by Jennifer M. Phillips
Preaching Faith in an Urban World, by Sainsbury
Open, All Saints 2002
Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission: Standing at the Threshold of the Years, by Maylanne Maybee
A First Nations Eucharistic Prayer
Breaking Barriers: Rethinking our Theology of Baptism, by Donald Schell
The Changing Face of Confirmation, by Linda L. Grenz
What does Blessing Bless?, by Charles Hefling
Music, by M. Milner Seifert
By Water and By Fire, by Sara Miles
Open, Ordinary Time 2002
The Sorrento Statement of the Council of the Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission
Reflections after Sorrento, by Katherine M. Lehman
Becoming Custodians of Paschal Mystery: Reflections on the Sorrento Statement, by Theophus Smith
Santa Fé Statement (2001)
In Memoriam, William A. Wendt, by Horace T. Allen, Jr.
New Brochures, by Marilyn Haskel
The Sorrento Statement: Envisioning Mission in a Post-colonial Age, by John W.B.Hill
Open, Fall 2001
Practical Postmodernism for Parishes, by Rodney Hudgens and Leslie Nipps
No Doxology, a sermon by John A. Dally
Knowing our Lineage to Find Inspiration and Challenge from Earlier Liturgists, by Donald Schell
International Anglican Liturgical Consultation Discusses Ministry and Ordination, by Paul Gibson
Episcopal Ecumenical Commission Addresses Lutheran Ordination By-law
A New Baby Sister (announcing the forthcoming publication of The Rite Stuff), by Marilyn Haskel
From Discord to Discernment, by Daniel L. Prechtel
Open, Summer 2001
This issue deals entirely with reconsidering the mission of the church.
Santa Fé Statement of the Council of Associated Parishes
Where We Have Been, by Doug Tindal
My Hope is That We Will Journey Together, by Gordon Beardy
The System Was Wrong, by Doug Tindal
Steps on a Healing Path, by Catherine Morrison
A Message from Archbishop Peers
The Way Forward, by Michael Peers
Excerpts from the Presidential Address
A Renewed Mission, by Mark MacDonald
I Am the Church
Open, Winter-Spring 2001
Baptism and Communion, by Stephen Reynolds
What Meaning has Infant Baptism in a Post-Christian World?, by John W.B. Hill
A Change of Direction for ADLMC?, by Nigel Renton
Poem, by Anne Kirchmier
20/20 Vision?, by Ron Miller
Open, Fall 2000
Assuming the Nature of a Liturgical Servant, by J. Derek Harbin
Liturgical Perspectives on Changes in North American Hymnody in the Past 25 Years, by Karen B. Westerfield Tucker
Developing a Seasonal, Sunday Service Template, by Valerie Ambrose
Observing the Stages of Mourning, by Jennifer M. Phillips
Remembering Peter Moore, by Nigel A. Renton
Liturgical Organizations
Communiqué from the 50th Meeting of ARC-USA
Open, Summer 2000
Baptism and Eucharist: Challenges, by Andrew Waldo
General Convention 2000, by Jean Campbell, OSH
Worship in Jubilee 2000, by Ron Miller
Liturgical Perspectives on Changes in North American Hymnody in the Past 25 Years, by Karen B. Westerfield Tucker
Farewell ASB, Welcome Common Worship, by Phillip Tovey
In Memoriam: Samuel E. West
Promises, Promises, by John W. B. Hill
Open, Winter/Spring 2000
Called to Common Mission: Are We?, by William H. Peterson
Worship with Young Adults, by Amy McReath
The Changing Context of Music and Liturgy, by Elizabeth Morris Downie
Benedicite Canadensis, by Barbara Mitchell
Considerations for Amending the Burial Rite, by Jennifer M. Phillips
A New Prayer for the Church of England, by Phillip Tovey
Lutheran Liturgical Practice, by Paul R. Nelson

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