From the 1969 statement on the admission of children to communion through the 2012 Huron Statement, the official statements of the APLM Council have proven effective at concisely stating the theological rationale behind the centrality of baptism as the foundation for Christian ministry, the primacy of the Eucharist in Christian worship and parish life, the restoration of the catechumenate, the place of the distinctive diaconate in ordained ministry, and the use of expansive language in worship.  Most of the statements were developed in the context of worship and reflection at APLM Council Meetings. Most titles reflect the place of the meetings at which each statement was written. Below you will find links to the full text of each statement.

2012 Huron Statement  – Font to Table: The Importance of Baptism before Eucharist

2010 Convent Station Statement – The Increasingly Hierarchical Ethos of the Anglican Communion

2007 Montreal Statement  – Communion in Christ: A Liturgical-Theological Reflection on Church Unity

2006 Ellenton Statement – Baptism as Full Initiation & Recommendations to the 75th General Convention

2005 Estes Park Statement – The Scandal of Impaired Fellowship in the Anglican Communion

2002 Sorrento Statement – Violence, Reconciliation and the Paschal Mystery

2001 Santa Fe Statement – Reconsideration of the Foundational Understanding of “Mission”

1993 Honey Creek Statement  – Ministry of the Baptized in Rites of Ordination and Celebration of New Ministry

1992 Toronto Statement   – Direct Ordination

1991 Rochester Statement – Broader Scriptural Imagery in the Supplemental Liturgical Materials

1990 Louisiana Statement – Encouragement to Listen during the “Decade of Evangelism”

1989 Gold Bar Statement – The Fullness of Liturgical Symbols

1988 Cuernavaca Statement – Distinctiveness of Latin American Anglicanism and Importance of Cultural Diversity in Worship

1986 Lone Mountain Statement – Inclusive Language Liturgies

1982 Mississauga Statement – Baptism and Reception of Communion

1981 Waverly Statement – Expression of the Diaconate in Today’s Church

1980 New Orleans Statement – The Filioque Clause

1978 Prayer Book Statement (Sewanee) – Prayer Book Approval

1977 Wewoka Statement – Integrity of the Deaconate and Direct Ordination of Priests

1969 Statement –  The Admission of Children to Communion



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