A Journey Shared by Congregations

Active members of Pillar and Cloud are committed to ongoing liturgical renewal in their congregation AND to sharing the journey of renewing worship with others.

The Pillar and Cloud platform allows members to share what they are doing with an online network of others who have made the same commitment. The website is not open to everyone because the intent is to create a safe space for the process of creativity: attempting, reflecting, admitting what does not work, and celebrating what does work.

Member congregations commit to posting and commenting on the Pillar and Cloud website. Here is a picture of top of the member posts page on 3/25/18 showing posts made by three different members. PandC Member Posts SnipPosts can be in the form of questions, practical suggestions, or reflections on some aspect of liturgical theology that you want to open up for further diaologue.

PAC Post questionThis post has opened a question about being sensitive to children where a full immersion font is to be used. In this example the child has been allowed to wear swimwear and swim goggles. Members can share their strategies for helping children face the water – or strategies for helping members of the congregation reflect on “appropriate” garments for baptism. What is essential to a rite? What is negotiable? What is practical? What is worth doing even if not practical?  What promotes joy? What deepens understanding? These are the kinds of things members can reflect on together as they share their experience of worship in their local context. It is important to note that the page is not open to comments by the casual passerby. The community is one that is limited to those who have covenanted to journey together through on this platform.

Each congregation will appoint one or two representatives to be the primary contacts with the rest of the network. The main contact(s) will be allowed to add posts, while other members of the worship planning team will be able to comment on existing posts only.

As Pillar and Cloud members post what they are doing, ask questions, and comment on the posts of others, a rich resource is created. Member posts can be browsed from the main member posts page or searched using key words so that your worship planning team can have the benefit of the experience of others.

As congregations engage in dialogue with each other through this platform, APLM anticipates that clusters will form for regular ongoing communication and occasional conferences and workshops. APLM supports the work of Pillar and Cloud by providing ongoing consultation when requested, including on-site visits; creating and maintaining a website for both the facilitation of dialogue among participating churches and communication with the world at large; sponsoring or promoting conference, workshop, and other educational opportunities.

We envision Pillar and Cloud congregations will become leaders in their local convocations, dioceses, synods, and denominations.

To find out more about joining the Pillar and Cloud Network, please contact us.

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