2023 Conference: Liturgy and the Climate Crisis

Our conference this year will take place at the St. John's Abbey Guesthouse in beautiful Collegeville, Minnesota and will focus on creating contextual liturgical responses to the climate crisis. Plan to travel on Monday, July 17th, arriving at the Minneapolis/St. Paul in the late afternoon/early evening. The conference will run through the evening of the... Continue Reading →

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Epiphany Webinar November 16th, 2022

Insights for preaching, liturgy, and church growth related to the Feast of the Epiphany are offered by Rev. Canon John Hill, Toronto, Canada and Rev. Venerable Dr. Jay Koyle, Algoma, Canada. AND We also hear from Rev. Philippe Carr-Jones about C+M+B: Every Home Plus Blessing Project. Click here to watch

In Memoriam

The Rev. Clayton L. Morris died at this home in Brooklyn, NY earlier this week. "Clay" was a long time member of APLM and is remembered for his wit and humor, talent at the organ, and his willingness to take risks in liturgical planning that might deepen each participant's experience of the divine mystery and... Continue Reading →

Webinar May 4, 2022

How do the prayer book and other liturgical resources lead us to give thanks to God and, at the same time, ask God to strengthen us for our work to cherish and protect our island home? GIVING THANKS FOR A FRUITFUL EARTH:Preparing for summer worship in the midst of climate changeWEDNESDAY - MAY 41 PM... Continue Reading →

Dr. James Farwell, Prof. of Theology, VTS & Dr. Juan M.C. Oliver, Custodian of the BCP will engage in conversation on Easter: The Day of Fifty Days. This will be followed by a conversation with two responders from parish settings: Rev. Emily Garcia, Church of Our Redeemer, Lexington MA. and Rev. Jennifer Zogg, Church of... Continue Reading →

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