The Preacher's Study - Spark your imagination early in the week! APLM contributors reflect on the RCL texts for the upcoming Sunday or Holy Day, highlighting how the deep drama at the heart of the biblical story unfolds through the seasons of the liturgical year. Posts usually offer some insight or idea for preaching that... Continue Reading →

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It’s not too early to think about Advent

Advent is a season of complex origins and multiple manifestations. In different times and places it has been a longer or a shorter season. It has been celebratory in some ages and until recently, by contrast, highly penitential. Also since the mid-nineteenth century, the integrity of Advent as a season with a purpose of its... Continue Reading →

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All Saints Day

All Saints Day is one of the four principal feast days on which baptisms are especially appropriate. The connections with death and the dead highlight the fact of baptism as a death and the incorporation of the baptized into the communion of saints past as well as present. The recitation of the names of those... Continue Reading →

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Blessing and Celebration of Marriage

Every marital relationship holds great potential for the full development of the human nature of the couple.  For Christians, that fully human and natural state of life is transformed and raised to a new level in baptism and by participating in the shared life of the community of the Baptized, the Church.  In baptism, each... Continue Reading →

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